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Rooms of Villa Kofler, hotel in Val di Fassa, Dolomites
The 12 rooms are furnished in very high quality and are rich in precious detail and special finishes. Different materials were used in every room, materials drawn from renewable resources such as wood, glass and stone. Incursions were made into the more actual creative forms and the most innovative trends. You will be able to find refuge and become re-generated in welcoming areas, always with the utmost respect for privacy. You can listen to your favourite music in all rooms with your mp3 readers or relax in front of flat TV screens.
Montreal - Charming rooms in the Dolomites
Cottage Room - Duplex - 52 sq. m. + 8 sq. m. of balcony
The inspiration for this room is the classical Canadian Log cabin. The result is that wonderful feeling of warmth associated with the classical mountain experience ( A White Christmas and hot drinks by the fire). Old reclaimed wood has been used throughout. This has been carefully crafted to give a sense of originality and permanence. The fire place clearly enhances the warm cosy feeling of the bedroom which is situated on the lower floor. On the upper level there is a shower and double Jacuzzi bathtub with chromotherapy and infra-red sauna. From wooden beams hangs a hammock, the ultimate way to relax after a day in the mountains.

Milano - Fashion Room in Campitello di Fassa
Cottage Room - fashion room - mq 45.00 + mq 10.00 of balcony (douplex)
The fashion city par excellence; materials used set the standard and reflect the glamour of the fashion world. The impact is immediate even as one enters. The room is split over two levels: on the lower level is the double bedroom fitted with a Flou bed, walk-in wardrobe and a flat screen television. On the upper level, the wellness area has a round Duravit double Jacuzzi with chromotherapy, spacious double shower, infra-red sauna and ergonomic Cappellini chaise-longue. The tiles are made from a new ceramic material which give a fresh luminescent vitality. To complete the scenario, a fire place and a “Teraxacum di Flos” chandelier with 60 lights! The perfect room for the cool set.
Stanza Milano

minimal room - mq 48.00 + mq 11.00 of balcony (douplex)
“Less is more” was the famous phrase of the German architect Miles van der Rohe which has come to symbolise the concept of simplicity that is known as minimalism. While minimalism’s focus is on the simple, this means all of the essentials must be of the highest quality. This project works because of the high specifications demanded of all the materials used: from the natural woods to the slate tiles and stone. The relaxation area comes complete with shower, infrared sauna and Jacuzzi set into the centre of the room and designed by Phillippe Starck for Duravit. The fire place is powered by gas and is surrounded by comfortable Gervasoni rocking chairs. This is all on the lower floor while the bedroom (with double bed by Flou) and small lounge suite (Gervasoni) are situated on the upper floor under the eaves.
Stanza Ciampedel

New York
white room - mq 32.00 + mq 11.00 di balconi
This room is made to reflect the differing textures and shades of white found in the materials used: floors are in bleached wood, glossy and matt white walls, white wall coverings and white curtaining. In front of the gas-fired fire place is a round master bed designed by Ivan Redaelli. The bed is curtained in semi-transparent fabric which allows one to relax fully in an intimate alcove. Besides the infra-red sauna, there is also a round designer bath for two (by Philip Starck) which can also be used as a hydro-massage and a shower fitted into the ceiling which has a regenerating rain effect illuminated by LED lights.
Stanza New York

traditional room - mq 43.00 + mq 6.00 of balcony (douplex)

In Ladino (the local Language), Campitello is called Ciampedel. The Ladin traditions and style are given form here by local decorative experts, wood is carved and decorated in blue tones. On the lower level is the wellness area, fitted with a very particular bath/ shower which is completely clad in slate. Ceiling shower heads give a rain effect. There is a large infra-red sauna, and on the floor, a comfortable mattress upon which to relax. In the second floor attic room, there is a double bedroom with walk-in wardrobes, bathroom and the traditional hot “ladin” stove next to the bed. The breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains give that wonderful sense of freedom that only these places can offer.
Stanza Ciampedel

romantic room - mq 35.00 + mq 8.00 of balcony
This room is designed in Baroque style, using modern designers - “Creative style” being the brief. The result is a room that makes time spent here both special and romantic. The bath is of the old aristocratic style with lion feet, the infra-red sauna and shower are in period white, the wash stand and lighted fire place finish the whole room off, giving a feeling of dreams and sweet memories.
Stanza Ciampedel

zen room - mq 46.00 + mq 8.00 of balcony
The aim of this wonderful room is to amaze, to enfold both body and mind in a relaxing pause. The wellness area has: a double shower, a bathtub with waterfall feature, chromotherapy, and an infra-red sauna for two. The bedroom is furnished in light and shade motifs using Gervasoni wood and illuminated with Viabizzuno lighting units. The whole is finished with a fire place and wooden blinds that allow soft light to filter through, enhancing a sense of contemplation.
Stanza Tokyo

folk room - mq 33.00 + mq 11.00 of balcony
This room’s connecting theme is nature. The room’s principal feature is the canopied bed, completely hand crafted from actual tree trunks. Behind this, the basins stand on a shelf made from reclaimed wood. The wardrobe and bookcase are also made in the spirit of the arts and crafts movement. The only concession to modernity is a large flat screen television next to the fireplace. Various shades and harmonious tones of green are used in the decoration of this location, in a harmonious and boundless communication.The large shower tiled in gilded quartz is equipped with ceiling spray heads giving a rain effect, vertical massage and chromotherapy, and an infra-red sauna finishing the area. Anyone who is passionate about nature and loves the simple yet elegant, will feel at home in this room.
Stanza Edinburgh

luxury room - mq 38.00 + mq 7.00 of balcony
A room to fulfil all your desires with regards to luxury. Here the language of contemporary design makes contact with both luxury and sensuality. The spacious room provides a charming and elegant atmosphere, enriched by a decorative mosaic, a very particular sculptured lamp, large designer fire place and a panoramic television screen giving ample expression to this idea. All these designer fixtures come from the great design houses of Cappellini, Bisazza, Paola Lenti, Flou, Catellani & Smith. The upholstery fabrics cover the furnishings with silver and gold nuances.The feeling of space extends into the wellness area with the large infra-red sauna, shower with its hydro rain effect and side sprays giving a vertical and horizontal massage, and the chromotherapy’s LED illumination.
Stanza Montecarlo

tirolean room - mq 35.00 + mq 13.00 of balcony
The central theme of this room is the Tyrolean style, Austria and the Eastern Alps. The masterly use of wood panelling and the furnishings and fabrics in tones of red, immediately give identity to the room, providing traditional yet warm atmosphere to the design. The night area has a King size bed and wall-mounted television screen. The wellness area has a shower in slate with ceiling shower heads to create a rain effect, a vertical massage and chromotherapy. A spacious sauna (infra-red) allows the guest to fully relax after a tiring days skiing or hiking.
Stanza Innsbruck

design room - mq 55.00 + mq 5.00 of balcony
For the enlightened traveller, we follow the true thread of design in this large attic space. A bright hi-tech kitchen serves as background to a white Saarinen table enhanced by “Panton” chairs. One corner of this attic space has been designed as a lounge area, it is fitted with sofa and the wicker Bonacina “Egg”, a classic design of the 60s, hanging from the attic beams. If needed, the sofa can be made into a double bed, with a red “FatBoy” pouf as well, where one can lie in comfort and contemplate the gas fire or watch television on the wall-mounted flat screen. There is a relaxing area provided with spacious shower and infra-red sauna. In the bedroom there is an intimate double Jacuzzi with chromotherapy set into the wall next to the double bed.
Stanza Copenhagen

chic room - mq 40.00 + mq 8.00 of balcony
The atmosphere is created through the careful use of darker smoky tones and antique blues for the walls and coverings, which have been selected to match and show off the “British style”. Recognisable pieces in front of the fire place, the beautifully upholstered chairs by DePadova designed in the classic British style and the bed and Gervasoni accessories (finely decorated), while above the period lacquered table hangs a large chandelier by Flos. There is a practical fitted kitchen to allow one to have an intimate evening; this mini apartment is the ideal getaway in a totally chic atmosphere.
Stanza London
12 places to be emotionally experienced, enveloped in the magic scenario of the Dolomites  
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